Unity3D specialist

Build games with Unity3D and C#


Job Description

Agens Games is looking for an experienced and skilled Unity3D/C# gamedev to join our team. As a Unity3D specialist you’ll be working closely with different roles on the team, on both existing and upcoming games.

We are searching for a good team player who is also able to work well independently. You communicate well in both Norwegian and English. You know when to create a system, just do a pragmatic fix, or use something from the Asset Store. You are still hungry to learn new stuff from others, and comfortable in sharing your knowledge.


You can choose between

  • Oslo, Agens headquarters in a garage turned lush studio
  • Grimstad, a newly renovated loft at Teknologiparken

Perks and benefits

If you want more details and information, don't be afraid to shoot us an email to join@agens.no and we will tell your more - no questions asked

  • Equal and competitive salary for all employees.
  • Equal bonus for all employees.
  • All employees are offered ownership in the company.
  • Flexible working hours – work life balance is really important to us.
  • One week each year we move the office to an exotic location.
  • Your choice of computer, phone, tablet, smartwatch and other equipment you need to do your job.
  • We got you covered: phone, broadband.
  • Travel insurance, health insurance, disability insurance (whole family) and more.
  • We cover the cost of conferences and courses when you need inspiration or new input.
  • 40 hours every year to make you better at what you do, the way you want to.
  • Every third month or so we set aside all our projects for company-wide Innovation Days.
  • Sharing and open source is encouraged if our projects benefit from it.
  • In maternity/paternity leave NAV will pay you 6G. Agens will cover 100% of the pay gap for 15 weeks and then 50% of the pay gap for the rest of the leave.

What we are looking for

We are especially looking for professional experience in several of the following fields:

  • Great understanding and knowledge of the Unity3D game engine - its opportunities and limitations
  • Experienced in C# programming - creating readable and maintainable code
  • Multi platform game development, especially the Apple ecosystem
  • Setup and long term maintenance of large projects in Unity
  • Automated build pipelines
  • Unity UI
  • 3D math / trigonometry programming
  • Editor/tools-scripting
  • Mobile performance optimization
  • Your own special skills

Send your application or job enquiry to

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