Agens Ventures is our way at Agens, of making our skills accessible to the next wave of entrepreneurs.


Through Agens Ventures, new and early-stage businesses can partner with our team of product experts, designers and developers.

We work for equity. This way, you can realise bolder ambitions than your budget permits – and you get a partner that is invested in helping your business succeed.

With the various expertise we have available, we are able to tailor a team to give your venture what it needs to grow. Having launched a number of successful products over the years, we are keen to invest our time and abilities in skilled founders and creators.

Ultimately, we want to create products and services that delight, inspire and improve the way we live. If you have the same passion – and a concept or product you want to take to market, build or scale – then let’s talk.

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Do you invest money?

In general, no. While in some cases, we may decide to invest or use cash in the new business, our primary investment is the skills, knowledge, and network we bring to the team through the work we do.

What kinds of companies fit with Agens Ventures?

We have partnered with founders with little more than an idea, as well as businesses with an early-stage product looking to break into their market. If your business already has significant revenue, our regular agency services are probably a better fit for your needs. Reach out to

How much do you invest, and for how much equity?

We partner with a variety of new ventures in many different stages and situations. Therefore, it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all answer, and we currently assess the investment case-by-case. We usually invest our time for a determined period first.

After this both parties are free to decide the best way forward. Sometimes this will mean further work for equity, sometimes it will mean working for discounted payment instead of equity, and other times it may mean that we help you set up an internal team to take the business forward. We try to give flexibility to set up the business in the way that will give it the best change of success.

Is there a specific industry or type of tech that you partner with?

Nope. At Agens we have worked on projects varying from creating a fresh user experience for radio, to digital solutions for simplifying everyday tasks for farmers, and (almost) everything in between. As long as there is a digital element to the product, we are interested in exploring how we can contribute.

What if we already have a designer/developer?

Great! We support the people we partner with, and have partnered with both founders without any technical background, and founding teams with CTOs and other technical members.

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Peter Lizamore

Head of Ventures


Jan Ove Kjøndal

Chief Commercial Officer