Android Developers

Native Android development with Kotlin

Job Description

We are looking for android developers who want to work with products and services to be proud of. At Agens we find it meaningful to improve peoples lives by making the best possible user experiences.

Come join us, and you'll be working in close collaboration with designers, project managers and the rest of our development team. We look forward to learning from you and hope you feel the same way about us.


You can choose between

  • Oslo, Agens headquarters in a garage turned lush studio
  • Grimstad, a newly renovated loft at Teknologiparken
  • Bergen, a vibrant space in the heart of the city

Perks and benefits

If you want more details and information, don't be afraid to shoot us an email to and we will tell your more - no questions asked

  • Equal and competitive salary for all employees.
  • Equal bonus for all employees.
  • All employees are offered ownership in the company.
  • Flexible working hours – work life balance is really important to us.
  • One week each year we move the office to an exotic location.
  • Your choice of computer, phone, tablet, smartwatch and other equipment you need to do your job.
  • We got you covered: phone, broadband.
  • Travel insurance, health insurance, disability insurance (whole family) and more.
  • We cover the cost of conferences and courses when you need inspiration or new input.
  • 40 hours every year to make you better at what you do, the way you want to.
  • Every third month or so we set aside all our projects for company-wide Innovation Days.
  • Sharing and open source is encouraged if our projects benefit from it.
  • In maternity/paternity leave NAV will pay you 6G. Agens will cover 100% of the pay gap for 15 weeks and then 50% of the pay gap for the rest of the leave.

What we are looking for

  • You collaborate and communicate well with your team
  • You make mistakes and share your learnings
  • You ask stupid questions - these are the important ones
  • You love to learn
  • You invite the designer to a chat about the screen you are about to implement before jumping in to code
  • You have a funny GIF ready to celebrate a pull request coming in
  • You give your teammates valuable and timely feedback
  • You contribute to a safe environment where everyone is seen and heard
  • You strive to write code that is easy to understand
  • You compete with yourself - not your team

We don't expect everyone to be an expert in everything. We certainly value if you have a great deal with experience with some of the mentioned topics. Don't forget:

Opportunities to grow 🌱

You can expect to learn a lot and get extensive experience in these areas:

  • Android SDK and libraries
  • Android Studio
  • Java and Kotlin languages
  • Kotlin coroutines
  • Debugging applications and network traffic
  • Profiling
  • Gradle
  • Continuous Integration
  • Accessibility
  • Animations
  • Gestures
  • Networking, cache and storage
  • Google Play and app distribution
  • Firebase ecosystem
  • Immutable data structures
  • Pure functions
  • Unit and UI testing

When you like to pursue new challenges role wise and e.g. become a tech lead for a project we will of course support, mentor and guide you towards that goal. 🎯

Send your application or job enquiry to
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